Teresa Leigh Ander Psychic Painter Relationship Coach

Teresa Leigh Ander
Psychic Painter
Relationship Coach

Are you living your dream or are you just doing what the world has told you to do?

As a dreamer, you want to:

• Express your gifts and talents
• Develop and trust your intuition
• Be your authentic self
• Live life with deeper meaning and purpose
• Experience a deep connection and intimacy in your relationships

The world needs your unique spark of creativity and light. If you’re not fulfilling your dream, you are likely feeling that something is blocking your way.

Welcome to Make Your Life Come True, a Transformational Arts program weaving DreamScape Painting and Relationship Coaching so you can step into your truth and live your dream. Learn how to paint a path to empowerment with intuitive painting and life coaching skills to experience the freedom and liberation that you’ve been craving all of your life.

And the good news is that you don’t have to be an artist!  You already are one!

Come with me on this magical, mystical inner world tour and discover your power and authenticity. Trust me, this is one trip you won’t want to miss!

Sign up for a complimentary discovery session and set yourself up for success.

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” ~ Nelson Mandela

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“Teresa’s magical DreamScape process illuminated the powerful forces that were under the surface of my life so that I could see them, in living shape and color. Her clear intuitive channel, open-heartedness, and guidance into the realms of my own psyche helped me decode the messages, make clearer choices and see what had been hidden from my view. A beautiful and profound process that I highly recommend for those ready for personal transformation.”
-Lisa Schrader    www.AwakeningShakti.com