I paint DreamScapes – I channel a psychic reading while I paint and the symbols that appear, just like in a dream, illustrate the dreamer’s soul challenges and offers a solution to resolve them.

Awakening the Giant was painted just in advance of a client booking an actual reading. I was painting my own DreamScape but since dreams also have a collective meaning they resonate with others. 

In the painting there are three key symbols

Dragon – was asleep but now is beginning to awaken and is showing the left eye opening. The left side represents the feminine and eyes are the window to the soul. The dragon represents old, ancient energy that has offered protection but now there is no need for it and it’s ready to be released.

Volcano – Feeling rage; destructive expression after prolonged constraint or restraint. A dormant volcano represents bottled up emotions or stressors that no longer threaten your safety.

Native American Woman praying – The power of prayer is not lost on Native Americans. As a symbol it represents a powerful connection with Spirit and can move mountains. I also had a strong desire to learn to speak a Native American language. Where did that come from?

So, two days after I painted this, a woman came for a reading and she was Native American. Half Apache. She had a lot of repressed anger over events that were visited upon her, without her consent, when she was a young girl. As distasteful as these events were, however, behind them was a quiet power and I knew I was in the presence of a great healer. She was unaware of that but had a suspicion that greater things were unfolding.  As she  continue to reclaim her power she will rise into her true position in the tribe.

Did I mention that she had just started taking her native language lessons? I brought out the painting and said “I think this is yours.”

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