Full Moon Rebirth

Full Moon Rebirth

This DreamScape is a prediction of a new beginning.

The featured image is the moon in a vortex.  The vortex represents conflict – energies storming in one; emotional turmoil; meeting the impact of a past trauma. Around the moon is a torch of white light that is wrapped around itself – like it’s hidden its light under a bushel; a likely consequence of a past trauma.  The nucleus of the moon looks like a seed, then it begins to look like a newborn’s head crowning just before birth. When I was painting the darker edge around the left side of the moon, I heard myself say, “Help me!” and then I heard, “You aren’t going to recognize your life by the next full moon.”

Fast forward three weeks later on the full moon lunar eclipse, I was being completely emptied. I had asked to be reset to my original divine blueprint and my request was being granted. Repressed memories related to specific events in my young life unfroze an aspect of me that had been buried long ago, but now, they were flooding to the surface begging for the fresh air of  disclosure.

In the lower left corner is a castle that showed up as a frog, then a cat, an owl and the castle. The attributes of each symbol were an assist in healing some deep seated betrayal.

Teal – good healing color, a combination of green and blue

Frog – Transformation

Cat – feminine psychic wisdom

Owl – wisdom

Waves – Strong waves crashing against the castle indicate stormy emotions

Vortex – Conflict of energies, emotional turmoil; meeting the impact of a past trauma.

Castle – higher frequency living, abundance


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