Do you ever feel emotionally stressed and overwhelmed, like a wave has knocked you off  your raft and you can’t right yourself? How do you stay in balance when you’re fighting to keep your head above water?  I’m the type of person who can stay calm in an emergency, but when I am tired and stressed out, I can get triggered and feel like I’m drowning in a sea of emotion.

This reminder was received during a morning DreamScape painting/channeling session during the Spring 2014 eclipse sandwich. I was experiencing deep inner clearings and was clearly being shown what to do in order to regain my balance and go “full steam ahead” with all the changes occurring in my life.

The DreamScape Painting Process

DreamScape painting is an integration of intuition, channeled painting and dream interpretation. It carries a clear message from your soul and has meaning personally and collectively. I paint for myself and others and my mission is to help others empower themselves and be the master of their lives.

1.  In the first version, I painted clouds and then, a wavy, turquoise ribbon that ran across the picture, dividing it in half, giving me the feeling of a roller coaster.  The last step was laying down calm, solid color in the bottom half of the painting.

Water represents our emotional nature. Dreaming of being underwater means that you are overcome with emotions and are in over your head regarding a situation. You need to establish greater control over your emotions. Who, me?

2. Turning the painting upside down showed me the other side of the story. I see a male figure driving like the devil through the turbulent surf.  (I can even see horns on his head!) Oh, the metaphor!

The devil in dreams usually represents undirected fear or repressed emotions that we do not feel in control of. There is always the potential to create or destroy and our mind determines which way we will go. Choose love or choose fear.

The sky represents the intellect, or the place of mind and thought, and the ability to see clearly. Clouds symbolize the balance between our thoughts and our emotions. Our thought drive our emotions, so steer the thoughts into love not fear.


3. As I continued to paint, the devil man morphed into a woman. She looked up at the calm, clear sky, (realigned with her intention) then returned her gaze forward and relaxed back into her chair, continuing on her path. Her leg became a flowing gown and she is now securely supported by a back rest which looks like a throne, symbolizing power. It also looks to me like a head stone, my symbol for death. This can simply mean the death of an old idea, habit of thought, or way of being.

She has both hands on the steering wheel, which represents taking control over the direction in her life. The left hand symbolizes the feminine, receptive qualities, while the right hand symbolizes the masculine mental attributes of action. She’s balanced and moving along in a relaxed, controlled manner, unimpeded by negative thoughts and emotions – effortlessly.

Look Ma, No Hands!

4. It gets even better.  This last iteration shows the integration of faith, trust and focused attention (aligned with her intention) and she’s moving forward, guiding her craft with the control of her mind.  She knows who she is, where she’s going and she is flying !

Notice how the painting changed from turquoise in the first painting, to blue in the last one. (just a change in lighting when it was photographed).  Color influences our emotions and moods. Blue is the color of the throat chakra and represents expression.

Turquoise is a combination of green and blue and represents open communication and clarity of thought.  It radiates the peace, calm and the tranquility of blue, and the healing balance and growth of green. In color psychology, turquoise controls and heals the emotions, but the process can feel like an emotional roller coaster until balance and stability are restored. Aha!

The next time you find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster, here’s are some easy things to do to regain your balance.

1. Take a deep breath and relax.  You can’t shift if you’re pushing against the current trying to figure it out.

2. Ask yourself where you want to go, not on where you’re afraid you’ll end up.  Know that all you have to do is check in with your inner guidance and ask for clarity.

3. Set an intention which acts as a map for your desire to be fulfilled.

4. Color therapy. Find something turquoise, a picture or a piece of clothing and focus on it. You will instantly feel more calm and be recharged with a fresh perspective on life!

Years ago, I witnessed a visitor in my studio who was stopped in her tracks by a turquoise painting that I had just finished.  She was mesmerized for about 3 minutes.  After snapping out of her trance  she said to me, “Wow, I guess I really needed a shot of that color!”  Just a simple check in with the color reinvigorated her.

If you want greater insight into what’s going on in your life, follow these guidelines or if you’re really stuck, have a DreamScape Soul Portrait painted and have a conversation with your soul. You will be so glad you did!

Teresa Leigh Ander is Psychic Painter and Relationship Coach.   She is the founder and facilitator of Make Your Life Come True, a Transformational Arts Program which focuses on personal development through DreamScape Soul Portraits. Teresa’s unique combination of channeled Art and Spiritual Teachings gives you the ability to transmute the energy of life’s challenges into knowledge, wisdom and deliberate manifestation.

Teresa, shown here with Toto, her horse, is a contributing author in Modern Day Miracles, with Louise Hay and Friends, and is documenting her own miracle through her DreamScape Soul Portraits blog and the equine experience in her forthcoming book, The Shadow of My Horse, Finding the Goddess Within.

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