Several years ago I embarked on a Hay House Writers Workshop Cruise to Alaska by myself. My wish was, “I hope I meet some people that I connect with and will stay in touch with afterwards.” Well, the next day I met three women at breakfast and to say that we hit it off was an understatement. We attended the workshop sessions together, and laughed from the minute we started off the day until we called it a night – late.

At the time, my world had become very small. I’d had one hip replaced and was scheduled to have the other one done the week after we disembarked. I used a cane and mobility was painful but I was going on that cruise, no matter that my surgeon had told me that I wouldn’t enjoy it.  He was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Meeting these women was an event that I wouldn’t have missed for the world, but the icing on the cake was when I met the founder of Hay House Publications, Louise L. Hay. Our last docking was

Victoria, British Columbia. I stayed on board that night to prepare for a meeting the next day in Vancouver with client. After dinner I went up to the Crow’s Nest to watch the sunset. The lounge was essentially empty as almost everyone had set off to see the sights of Victoria. I was gazing out the enormous windows at the gorgeous descent of the sun when I heard a woman ask me, “Are you watching the same thing I’m watching?” I looked around to see Louise Hay standing at my shoulder. I responded, “Yes I am.” I continued, “Thank you so much for all that you do and for hosting this cruise. It’s so nice to be with people that are of like mind.” She replied, “You’re welcome,” and as we talked she recommended that I go to see the Butchart Gardens, a glorious display of flowers, trees and water features. “Every time I go there I cry,” she said.  I was touched that the beauty of nature impressed her as much as it did me.” I explained that I wouldn’t be able to go this trip but it was certainly on the menu for next time. We chatted a bit more, then the sun completed its descent and she returned to her companions.

P7170211Louise Hay has been an inspiration to me and millions of others throughout the years. It was particularly special to have my first writing submission published by her in Modern Day Miracles, Miraculous Moments and Extraordinary Stories from People All Over the World Whose Lives Have Been Touched by Louise L. Hay by Louise L. Hay and Friends. Whew, that’s a mouthful. My submission was an account of part of my transformation using her work from, You Can Heal Your Life. My story is on page 55. “How I Stopped Smoking.” Yes, I have suffered from addictions, and that was one of them.

Chapter 15, features “The List” which was taken from her book Heal Your Body. It contains physical complaints, manifested from a probable mental cause that one could shift with a new thought pattern/affirmation. When I started listing all my ailments, I thought, “I need more paper!”  For years I would tell people, “The mind turns its pain over to the body,” not realizing how my own trauma had manifested in various parts of my body. Some of the thought patterns I had died a slow death, others were easier to release. Louise Hay started my journey of physical, mental and emotional healing and she continues to be one of my favorite teachers. It was a treat to be meet her and thank her in person.

Louise had a rough beginning as did many of us. She serves as an inspiration to remind us that no matter where you are, or what you have been through, you can still heal. It’s been said that we spend our entire adult lives overcoming our childhoods and as adults, we have the opportunity to take responsibility for our lives and create it the way we want. However, if we try to create a new life with our limiting beliefs, we will continue to get the same results.

You can find out what your beliefs are and how to transform them with Transformational Art.

If you would like to speak to me personally, contact me for a Complimentary Consultation and find out which program is right for you.

Teresa Leigh Ander is Psychic Painter and Relationship Coach.   She is the founder and facilitator of Make Your Life Come True, a Transformational Arts Program which focuses on personal development through DreamScape Soul Portraits. Teresa’s unique combination of channeled Art and Spiritual Teachings gives you the ability to transmute the energy of life’s challenges into knowledge, wisdom and deliberate manifestation.

Teresa, shown here with Toto, her horse, is a contributing author in Modern Day Miracles, with Louise Hay and Friends, and is documenting her own miracle through her DreamScape Soul Portraits blog and the equine experience in her forthcoming book, The Shadow of My Horse, Finding the Goddess Within.

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