Coaches aren’t just for sports anymore. In our disconnected society we often don’t have someone to talk to that we can trust. In previous times that role was held by trusted family members, tribal elders, or friends. In today’s society that trusted friend may be unavailable or ill-equipped to deal with our deeply personal issues. Psychologists are sought out to answer our most troubling questions, however, according to Dr. Patrick Williams, founder of the Institute for Life Coach Training, as many as 80% of people who see a therapist have no mental disorder. Disconnected society or not, we rely on each other for support and to serve as a sounding boards. We need each other. I saw this illustrated beautifully in nature several years ago and it has stayed with me ever since.

The Value of Teamwork

One day I was alone in my kitchen washing dishes and I heard a sound like a button dropping on the hardwood floor. In the silence of the afternoon, the noise was significant enough for me to stop what I was doing and look for the cause of it. I surveyed the dining room floor looking for the source, but the only activity I detected was a carpenter ant darting back and forth along the back door. Surely an ant couldn’t have made the noise that I had heard. Curious, I crouched closer to watch.

This tiny ant was trying to move a raisin that had dried to the consistency of a rock and was more than three times its size. The ant had dragged it along the bottom edge of the door and was trying to climb up the wall with its treasure. The sound I heard again and again, was the raisin dropping to the floor, as the weight became too much to hold. Every time the raisin fell to the floor, the ant backtracked to assess the situation.

Fascinated, I lay down on my stomach, chin in my fists, to observe this feat of the social insect kingdom. The ant wasn’t able to fit the raisin through the crack between the door and the wall, so I opened the door a tiny bit to help. Immediately, another carpenter ant scurried in to assist. They joined forces and together they easily carried the load up the door and outside to their destination. Success!

Moral of the Story: You can do a lot by yourself but having a partner to help with the heavy lifting, amazing things are possible!

If you have a dream or goal that you want to achieve but can’t seem to get it off the ground, or keep it going, consider acquiring the services of a supportive coach.

A coach will help you:
• Evaluate where you are now and where you would like to be
• Move beyond your old story of limitation to empowerment
• Do more than you would by yourself
• Move out of your comfort zone

With a coach as your guide you will be able to define your dreams, identify what’s holding you back and move forward with clarity and momentum. Whether you want to deepen your relationship with yourself, make a life change, or attract a deeply fulfilling love relationship, a coach can be the sounding board you need and offer the wisdom of the elders.

If you would like to partner with someone to Make Your Life Come True schedule a Complimentary Coaching Session.


Teresa Leigh Ander is Psychic Painter and Relationship Coach.   She is the founder and facilitator of Make Your Life Come True, a Transformational Arts Program which focuses on personal development through DreamScape Soul Portraits. Teresa’s unique combination of channeled Art and Spiritual Teachings gives you the ability to transmute the energy of life’s challenges into knowledge, wisdom and deliberate manifestation.

Teresa, shown here with Toto, her horse, is a contributing author in Modern Day Miracles, with Louise Hay and Friends, and is documenting her own miracle through her DreamScape Soul Portraits blog and the equine experience in her forthcoming book, The Shadow of My Horse, Finding the Goddess Within.

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