Shedding the Over-giver Skin – Part 1

DreamScape Soul Portrait – Session #2

Jolene had this initial painting session in the fall, then four months later I felt it was time to bring her portrait out again and see what it had to say.  I can tell when my client is ready for an upgrade when I start thinking about them and their painting beckons me.  I bring it out and can see what’s coming in next. I phoned Jolene and she’d been thinking about me all day and was getting ready to call.  She was revisiting the same issue that she had been grappling with when she came to see me earlier in the year. The temptation to fall into her old pattern of “just going along with everyone else,” was great and she was conflicted. I couldn’t wait to see what was going to show up in the next painting session.

Shedding the skin #2- numbered

As I studied the first version of Jolene’s painting, on the left,  the first thing that had to go was the darkest energy behind her. I know when the Dreamer is ready for it to leave because it just BUGS me until I paint a new pathway. The darkness that hovered in the background, suggests the magnitude of the negative consciousness that was imprinted on her sub-conscious and has been affecting everything in her life. I painted in more light and reminded Jolene of more of her truth.  And so……….

1. Goddess


Still on but…………….


The whirlwind that represented the tumultuous injustices inflicted upon her, damaging her sense of self, transformed into the lace of her dress bodice.  What’s more feminine than lace? It might appear that she is indeed transmuting some garbage into a more positive expression but wanting to extract the deeper meaning,  I found a dream definition of lace that resonates completely with what’s being shown in her painting.




“To dream of lace implies a pattern in your life may be repeating itself. There is a suggestion of a breakthrough in regards to an old habit, but the urge to turn away in denial may be overwhelming. A dream of lace cautions courage to be open to new ideas and concepts.” –



2. Shadow/Masculine Energy

Since I painted out the first reference to negative male energy ,(#2)  it has changed to represent the pattern that she developed as a result of her original dysfunction. Directly behind her (goddess #1) is another masculine figure with his left arm (feminine energy) relaxed in tandem with hers. This is her shadow energy manifesting in an unfulfilling love relationship pattern.

2016-02-10 12.24.47Arms & Shoulders

Arms relate to strength and action.  Jolene wants an equal relationship with a man but she’s been attracting men who are so needy that she feels smothered, so you could say that this masculine arm indicates her pattern in relationship. She attracts needy men who need to be taken care of and she is a natural caregiver. Not a bad thing at all but in relationship things can tend to become unbalanced. Her left shoulder (representing the feminine – receiving) is enlarged disproportionately and her right side (masculine giving) is practically non-existent.

The right side of the body represents the masculine and the left side the feminine. After painting the crown of the inner child, we both saw the masculine arm greatly foreshortened and his palm (the crown) turned up.  This appears to be the posturing of his feminine in the receiving mode, (palm up) indicating a pattern that dictates she is the one to give, and never receive. As an over-giver, she attracts men who are needy and dependent on a woman and not available for her. She’s also been “shouldering” more than her share in relationship.

This DreamScape interpretation indicates the need to balance her masculine and feminine energies so she can enter her next relationship as an equal instead of a caregiver.  She no longer has the need to be a doormat, is identifying and stating what she needs and standing up for them.


IMG_05113. Inner Child 

The inner child has been brought into greater clarity. She is now wearing a crown of flowers and looking into a crescent moon.


This usually relates to implied importance, power or authority. As it relates to a ruler, it can also depict what rules or controls you.

A crown can also represent an accomplishment. As a dream symbol it points to success, either as a desire or prediction thereof. It can also be a measure of the realization of expanded awareness such as in gaining a new perspective on an old situation. In this case it illustrates Jolene’s future success of self mastery by exercising assertiveness and choice.


Love and romantic inclinations, the tides, inner world of fantasy, imagination, menstrual cycle and the feminine mystery. The idiom, flying to the moon applies to this dream symbol. Attempts to escape reality or responsibility; trying to break free of limitations. During her abuse, Jolene would leave her body and indeed, fly to the moon.

IMG_0473 - Version 24. Personality/Ego

Jolene says in Part 1 that she’s “Running from emotions. When I feel them coming up I immediately stuff them down.” Her ego is intent on protecting her from feeling her own uncomfortable emotions but feeling and releasing will help her choose a new empowered path. In this second version, the anxious thinking represented by the tornado-doo she was sporting is being removed.

5. Dog

In the whitest section on the left side, is the outline of a dog lying down.  When I recognized this as a dog, I heard “Let sleeping dogs lie.”  Dogs as a dream image symbolize loyalty, companionship and masculine energy. In Jolene’s life, the dog also represented the one and only time she was able to stand up to her husband and say “no.”  She wanted to get a dog but he did not. All she wanted was one thing that she could call her own, so over his objections she got the dog and once husband met new dog he fell in love with it – go figure.

6. The Divine Feminine

Coming soon.

Stay tuned for more transformative illustrations in Shedding the Over-giver Skin – Part 3

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