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One month since the eclipse and we are still integrating the energies. It was powerful beyond measure and is still proving to knock out any remaining energies that do not serve us.  Some people are experiencing this as a lighter way of being, improved relationships, or the removal of inner restrictions but not without some mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. Personally, I’ve had the pleasure of saying “good-bye” to some unconscious patterns that have been in me since I was a small child and I was pretty much knocked out while I was processing it all. No wonder these belief systems can be so hard to get rid of; they’re unconscious and have been around for so long that not only are they our comfort zone but also our familiar zone. Many times we just don’t know what’s out of alignment until push comes to shove and your soul lets you know something has got to change. This transmission is all about breaking the ego apart so you can live in your heart, free of fear. Wouldn’t that be nice? So, in this blog I’m going to interpret the painting for the general message for the collective. If you missed that blog, and some viewer comments, you can read it right HERE

1. I chose black and white for this painting and I heard that this is a message of contrast but it begins in gray. As I start to paint, I say that it feels like an underpainting, which can be in black and white with color to come. In art, an underpainting is the initial layer, usually in one color, that precedes the subsequent layers. In dreams, gray is the mid point between black and white which indicates balance. I was feeling that this painting would eventually turn into color, like in the movie, The Wizard of Oz where the sequences in Kansas were in black-and-white and the Oz sequences were in Technicolor. I read a Kryon channeled article which describes this metaphor for our world right now.

“In parts of the world that are in strife, completely, always, we have said the words, color is coming. And that is a metaphor because those areas are in black and white and they always have been and when you start to see shades of grey and they go into color it’s a metaphor of new awarenesses and with those awarenesses come solutions that have never been thought of before.”

The first image I paint is that of a shark which represents the trickster spirit or negative energy, which prevails in the third dimension of fear, lack, and separation. The third dimension is the plane of unconsciousness which is of the mind. The densest stratum of this plane contains our material thoughts and our view of the world. We have been given free-will on the Third and Fourth Dimensions so we have the choice of acting in fear like a demon or choosing the higher road of a saint – or somewhere in between.

2. The shark elongates into the form of a wolf, namely, The Big Bad Wolf, which represents negativity. It also looks like it has evolved into a rainbow, without the color, of course, and it is moving up and out.

3. Black line. Below all the negativity is a black line that shows a path to continued strife and goes right down into “hell.” More of the third dimensional experience.  I heard that we are shown a very small part of what’s really available to us and there is so much more once we ascend into higher consciousness but first we must take an important step. To release the negativity, we take the path down into the darkness in ourselves – a trip that is necessary to release discordant energies – all that is not our truth. On the other side, or over the rainbow, is fulfillment and joy that comes from releasing these self-limiting beliefs. It is so worth it.

4. White paint, blank canvas. New beginning. As it with any new moon it is a time to set intention for what you really want. What do you want to create? I’m hearing BELIEF. Believe that it will happen and it will. You have to remember how powerful you are as a creator and you create your reality with every thought, word and action. If you don’t like what’s happening in your life, ask what belief, or old programming is being activated.

5. Shadow Energy

In the path of darkness you’ll find your shadow. The shadow is the lost, denied and neglected parts of ourselves that need to be brought into awareness and transformed.  Imagine releasing all the unbalanced personal relationships, unsatisfying jobs, and uninspired places to live and replacing them with healthy, fulfilling relationships, work that you enjoy and the ideal place to live. This is where you move from lack, negativity and scarcity into joy, creativity and fulfillment.  This is where you get to know who you really are.

6. Clouds morph into many shapes when viewed in nature (although with geoengineering our clouds are not what they used to be) and in painting DreamScapes, your intuition allows you to see things that illustrate your inner knowing.  In this regard, clouds are the “crystal ball of the mind.” You may see things in your painted clouds that are visionary, intuitive or expressive of what is within. Christ said, “Know thyself,” which means to know you are a spark of Infinite Wisdom that created Universes. You have the power of your mind to create your reality and shape it any way you want. 

7. Black men and Trump. The figures are definitely pointed to the left which means it’s old or in the past. This is energy that does not want to go out without a fight. That’s ok, it’s over, time’s up. This was softening and changing as I painted. All of this is happening now but be in this world but not of it. Don’t get caught up in the drama as the old is being dismantled. Trust that it is. Transformation is messy.  As a spiritual being you have an effect of bringing more light and love into this existence with positive and compassionate thoughts.

8. Deer.  This was not easy to see in the first iteration so I rendered it more. Deers represent compassion and as we are now experiencing the fifth dimension where love and compassion reign.The deer looking upon the divisiveness of the past is a gentle reminder that not everyone is going to ascend into higher consciousness at the same time. We have to honor everyone’s journey just as those who have gone before have held patience and understanding for us.  It does no good to condemn, criticize or judge because that just holds the energy in place. And that is hell.

So, let me sum up this crazy painting.  A friend of mine recently lamented that she wanted to experience heaven on earth and wondered when it would get here. I said to heed the words of Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It seems to me that this DreamScape tells you how to do so.

1. You have been given free-will choice on the Third and Fourth Dimensions so we can act in fear, like a demon, or choose the higher road of the saint – or somewhere in between.

2.To release the negativity, we take the path down into the darkness in ourselves – a trip that is necessary to release discordant energies. On the other side, or over the rainbow, is fulfillment, joy, and living life the way God intended – in joy and abundance.

3. What do you want to create? You create your reality and your beliefs dictate what you will create so what beliefs are getting in the way of your creation?

4. The shadow is the home of false beliefs, lack, scarcity and negativity. It’s not knowing who you really are. Behind the shadow are the goodies and not the booby prize you might be expecting.

5. Your intuition is your connection with Source and is your trusted inner guidance. Learn to use it, trust it and follow it.

6. Be in this world but not of it. Don’t get caught up in the worldly drama as the old is being dismantled. Trust that it is on its way out. Transformation is messy and there is always a breakdown before a breakthrough – personally as well as collectively.

7. Be gentle with yourself and others. This world is not an easy place to be and everyone is playing out their part. The world does not have to change in order for you to be happy. Be here now, in the moment. That’s where your power is – in the moment of choice.

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