“When the mind is quiet
and a brush is
the instrument of Spirit,
the story of your authentic self
and the extraordinary
beauty of your truth
is revealed”
~ Teresa Leigh Ander

DreamScape Soul Portraits are the ultimate intuitive reading. A painted reading with a spiritual prescription from your soul is worth more than a thousand words. Every night we receive spiritual guidance in our dreams but many times we forget them or don’t understand what they mean.  A Soul Portrait performs the same function as a dream. Your personal dream images, archetypes, symbols, color and allegory are channeled onto the canvas similar to the way you have a dream. When I’m painting the images that arise make as much sense to me as your dreams at night but I’m in another world with the brush stroking a hypnotic rhythm that allows the intuitive reading to come through. The painted dream interpretation and intuitive downloads translates into a potent spiritual prescription from your soul. You are shown a path to empowerment and crystal clear instructions that will help you navigate your next step and rise to a higher level of expression. 

“Teresa’s magical DreamScape process illuminated the powerful forces that were under the surface of my life so that I could see them, in living shape and color. Her clear intuitive channel, open-heartedness, and guidance into the realms of my own psyche helped me decode the messages, make clearer choices and see what had been hidden from my view. A beautiful and profound process that I highly recommend for those ready for personal transformation.” ~Lisa Schrader, Author and Coach, www.awakeningshakti.com


How it works


1.  Soul Portrait & Intuitive Reading

Your DreamScape is video recorded and your reading given as I paint. It will illustrate your situation and the interpretation will give you a solution.

Waterfall Goddess

2. Intuitive Coaching Consultation
We meet on the telephone or Skype for 60 minutes after you receive your reading.


“I feel lighter tonight, thanks to you. I was not expecting the Dreamscape Soul Report and its depth. It is wonderfully simple and profound. I am grateful for the painting, my understanding of its meanings, and especially your unconditional presence. Thank you for the gift of yourself. It made all the difference today. I feel connected and appreciative.” ~ L. V., Northville, Michigan

DreamScape Soul Portrait

Study in Transformation


Turning Over a New Leaf

Turning Over a New Leaf

A DreamScape is a symphony of color, sacred images and an illustration of how you are creating your life, where your blocks are and how to maneuver through your life challenges. Color tells us a lot about the energy as it correlates to the invisible information centers of the body, the chakras.  In each DreamScape the initial color intuitively chosen is the most important area to be addressed. In this DreamScape, green was the first and only color indicating the need to focus on issues relating to the heart. You can see the beginning of the painting that gave the first clue as to the theme of this reading.

The first image channeled was a leaf attached to a vibrant stem. It also looks like a bird that wants to fly.  The leaf morphs into a flower bud, half-opened with a bright light flowing out of it but it’s pointed down. Her light pointed downwards indicates depression and hopelessness. This dreamer has a lot of life energy but her low vibration, caused by negative beliefs (the unconscious lies)  is causing her to suffer needlessly.

If you view the picture from a distance, you can see the profile of a woman with her head hanging down. Her face is the base of the blossom. The stem of the flower is her life force but her thoughts are dragging her down and draining her life energy.

IMG_0333Turning Over A New Leaf  

The spiritual prescription for this dreamer indicated that she was viewing life from a negative point of view, an upside down perspective. We are always at choice as to what to believe and sometimes changing our reality is as easy as flipping a switch. This is what this DreamScape illustrates. We are living in a world that is upside down which is based on fear and lack. The opposite is true and that’s the spiritual journey – to turn our world right side up and begin living from our truth – love and abundance.

Opening the heart: In this dreamer’s painting there is an opportunity for new growth (new leaf) that can be realized when she shifts into gratitude and appreciation more fully. She must become aware of her thoughts and how she is directing her energy. There’s some deep seated resentment that is preventing her from moving forward. I told her to relax where she is now because she is preparing for the new that is yet to be revealed. Click HERE for the complete soul portrait and reading as it is painted.

 Teresa Leigh, Thanks so much for your story of finding your purpose. And for keeping me on your contact list. Your intuitive painting was right on; has helped me immensely. All that could go wrong has, but the tide is finally turning.I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do when I grow up (turning 70 this week), but have found art that I love doing (collage with lots of texture); am accepting what is much more. Thank you. Thank you. Lynn 

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DreamScape Soul Portrait

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“Teresa, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had with my DreamScape Intuitive reading.   It was very insightful and intuitively I felt it hit the mark time and again!  I didn’t know what to expect going into the session; but, it turned out better than I could of hoped for!  The painting was very beautiful and revealed some very interesting and helpful information about myself and my family.  You demonstrated a real gift of spiritually recognizing what is happening and relevant in my life and what possibilities may exist for growth and solutions.  I hope many others also take the opportunity for a DreamScape reading as I have.  I’m convinced they will come away with appreciation from the insight and guidance that they receive!  Again, many thanks!”   Dell Blackman, Redmond, Oregon

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