“Thank you is so inadequate to express my gratitude for your help, encouragement and insight – it is a true Blessing to me.    The work is powerful and I am so glad I decided to enlist your help since it is so much better in every way than doing it alone.  My brain is really good at running interference and your insights help me to open up and let my heart do its Healing, Loving thing!” ~ Francis Schilling, Vail, Arizona
“Teresa Leigh Ander is an intelligent, caring, unique and wonderful coach.  Working with Teresa on the Calling in “the One” program has been life-affirming, challenging, thought provoking and transformative.  She was present and genuine in our sessions to which she brought healthy energy and empathy.  Teresa gave me the tools to unearth many of the old, moldy, traumas and misperceptions buried deep in my psyche and to then open my mind and heart to willingly accept and plant real truths.  My coaching journey, with Teresa’s support, has been a worthwhile investment in healing and self-discovery.  I am astonished at the depth of joy I can experience when I accept that I am deserving of it. She helped me find the courage to regain my true self.  Thank you for helping me find my way back to my joy!”  ~ Joyce F., New York, NY
“My biggest breakthrough is that I now feel open to having a committed relationship because of the work I did in uncovering my relationship patterns, my beliefs about what is possible and most importantly that I am growing to be the person that I want to be in relationship with myself and others. Teresa was my guide in this uncovering. She kept me on track in a gentle way, gave me invaluable feedback that was always accepting and encouraging, she helped me dive deeper into my own knowing and wisdom.” ~ Ann Barton, Ashland, Oregon
“During my work with Teresa, I was very surprised at what she was able to access in such a short time. I found her to be very intuitive about what I needed on my journey and very skilled in how to help me achieve my goals. She is very approachable and provides a safe environment to do this work.” ~ Julie W., Bend, Oregon
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥“I worked with Teresa Leigh Ander for several months.  I found her course to be of great help in attracting “The One.” Within 6 months I was in a committed relationship with my girlfriend and we are now living together. This course has opened up my life to wonderful possibilities that I had not even though of.  Now that the inside of me is evolving and growing, my outside world is changing for the better as well.  I am very thankful to have met and worked with Teresa Leigh Ander.  If something inside you says “Let’s check this out,”  then I say be ready for a change.” ~Joe Flora, Bend Oregon


“Working with Teresa, my Calling in “the One” coach, has been so helpful!  I’m realizing things about myself when it’s reflected back to me and spoken out loud. Things I wouldn’t have realized on my own. In working with a coach, the light bulb goes off in my head and I’m awakened to things about myself which are very true but wasn’t consciously aware of. Those hidden things in my subconscious get brought to the surface. Having a coach guide you through this process has made my experience eye opening and powerful, in that I feel I’m getting what I truly need from this course. I was floored when I realized I’ve been over-giving in my relationships.  I feel hopeful about fulfilling my love destiny.”  ~ Victoria G. Los Angeles, CA

Intuitive Readings

“Teresa’s reading was very powerful. I asked her about my sister, who I was concerned about. She accurately described my sister’s unstable relationship with her husband, and told me how his emotional immaturity and refusal to accept adult responsibilities was a major factor in their marriage woes. She predicted that their marriage would not survive, but that my sister, a strong woman, would land on her feet. It’s all come to fruition.”

“It’s truly uncanny how Teresa hones in on what’s on my mind and in my heart. I was dating a man I was crazy about, and wanted Teresa to tell me that I had found my soul mate. She told me I would learn a lot from him, but didn’t see a permanent connection. She said he was self-absorbed, which I didn’t see at the time. We broke up soon after my reading, and I realized she was right! I was blown away.” – Paula Gangel, Merriam, KS


“Thank you so much, Teresa — our session has lifted me so much — I so appreciate all you provided for me!  Much much love!!”

Ashley Fuller
Program & Community Director
Calling in “The One”
Evolving Wisdom


“I’ve paid for dozens of readings and never shed a tear, until you read for me. You reached beyond the grave and brought my parents to me. This was the most authentic reading I’ve EVER experienced!”
– Peggy Backhus, Santa Clara, California


The DreamScape Painting Process

“The painting took me  to a new level of appreciation, that I have the ability to express my feelings through art, something that never occurred to me until this workshop. The little girl matured in a womanly spirit in just a few hours. Teresa engaged the entire class in the dream analysis and the references can be used for future use.”  ~
Cheryl Tillman-, Bend, Oregon


“DreamScape painting is a release for me. I don’t think about my problems and actually, it helps me solve my problems better.  It makes me realize that there’s more to life than just material desires.  There’s something deeper inside that I’m able to tap into ~ the creative mindset that relaxes me, and gets me out of fight or flight mode.”~ M. Cooper, Nashville, Tennessee


“Teresa’s magical DreamScape process illuminated the powerful forces that were under the surface of my life so that I could see them, in living shape and color. Her clear intuitive channel, open-heartedness, and guidance into the realms of my own psyche helped me decode the messages, make clearer choices and see what had been hidden from my view. A beautiful and profound process that I highly recommend for those ready for personal transformation.”
-Lisa Schrader    www.AwakeningShakti.com


“Teresa, I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had with my DreamScape Intuitive reading.   It was very insightful and intuitively I felt it hit the mark time and again!  I didn’t know what to expect going into the session; but, it turned out better than I could of hoped for!  The painting was very beautiful and revealed some very interesting and helpful information about myself and my family.  You demonstrated a real gift of spiritually recognizing what is happening and relevant in my life and what possibilities may exist for growth and solutions.  I hope many others also take the opportunity for a DreamScape reading as I have.  I’m convinced they will come away with appreciation from the insight and guidance that they receive!  Again, many thanks!”   Dell Blackman, Redmond, Oregon

Like all the testimonials on this site, the client comments on this page were provided without compensation, incentives or rewards.

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