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Welcome to The DreamScape Diaries – A Soul Portrait Blog of psychic paintings and their spiritual messages. See a psychic reading painted in the language of the dreamtime. Color, symbols, archetypes and metaphor define our inner world and understanding them holds the key to making our life come true. A dream is crafted in the medium of paint and every picture tells a story that promises awakening to authenticity and personal power. It’s a magical, mystical, inner world tour to make your life come true. It’s one trip you won’t want to miss.

Who Needs a Coach? The Value of Teamwork

Coaches aren’t just for sports anymore. In our disconnected society we often don’t have someone to talk to that we can trust. In previous times that role was held by trusted family members, tribal elders, or friends. In today’s society that trusted friend may be...

You Don’t Listen To Me

Recently, I was browsing around a store, when a couple walked up and stood next to me, looking at the merchandise. My impression was that they were in their sixties, and had been married for some time. The husband found what he was looking for and reported to his...

A Visit From A Spirit Guide

A visit from a very special spirit guide coincided with the evolution of this DreamScape painting. In Your Ear is a painted account of a visit from my deceased grandfather who came in to help me with a life changing event, starting with my name. I wanted to change my...

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