Transformational Arts Programs

“While dreams are the language of the soul, creativity is its voice.” ~ Hap Hagood, American Artist

The DreamScape Painting Process

Private and Group Coaching

Paint a path to empowerment with this unique 4 step transformational arts process that is designed to uncover and remove stubborn limiting patterns that keep you from realizing your dreams.  Learn to channel your dream on canvas and trust the intuitive guidance you receive.  Understanding the metaphor in your painting will direct your focus, clarity and abundance for better results in your personal and professional life.  READ MORE



DreamScape Workshops

Paint your dreams and interpret the message from your soul.

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September 24

Bend Guitar Lessons

1195 NW Wall St, Bend

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DreamScape Soul Portrait2016-02-10 12.24.47

A Soul Portrait is a psychic reading on canvas illustrated with color, symbols, archetypes and metaphor. These dream images are loaded with meaning and deliver a spiritual prescription straight from your soul. Engaging in this conversation with your higher self will take you on an informative and healing journey of self-discovery to empowerment with the transformative magic of art. READ MORE



Find Your Soulmate

Has the search for love has left you lost, confused, or wondering what you did wrong? Are you tired of spending endless hours on dating, and dating sites, that go nowhere?  Find Your Soulmate will help you attract the love of your life, no matter what has happened in the past.  Your search for love can transform from a disappointing and fruitless search, to a deeply satisfying, and enjoyable process of attracting “the One”.  READ MORE



Complimentary Strategy Sessions

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