Recently, I was browsing around a store, when a couple walked up and stood next to me, looking at the merchandise. My impression was that they were in their sixties, and had been married for some time. The husband found what he was looking for and reported to his wife,   “This is perfect!  It’s exactly what I need!”

How did she respond?

“I TOLD you, you’d find it here!”  she hissed, “You NEVER listen to me!”  Her husband sounded confused as he answered, meekly, “I listen to you.”

“NO YOU DON’T!”  she spat at him.  I was standing right next to them, but they didn’t seem to notice when I moved away, uncomfortable being in such close proximity to the vitriol being spewed.  I removed myself out of earshot, for the rest of the couple’s argument, but I’ll bet the husband heard an earful by the time they got to their car.
After they left, I wondered what was the wife’s REAL problem?  She was enraged over a simple statement.  He was perplexed and probably wondering what he’d said that set her off like that.

It wasn’t what he said, or how he said it, it was how she heard it, through her filter of a false belief of “not being heard.”  Her belief says, “I’m not important enough for you to listen to me.”  When this belief is operating, we, as women, feel that we have to turn ourselves inside out, to get a man to listen to us. When we aren’t being heard, one of the signs of this belief will show up as a person becoming easily provoked, and blowing things out of proportion.  This belief causes one to be prone to nagging, criticizing, whining, complaining, after initial efforts to have our needs met, are unproductive.

Are you someone who feels that you are not being heard?  Do you end up demanding that others listen to you?   Children who feels powerless throw temper tantrums when they don’t get what they want.  When we grow up not knowing how to get our needs met, we end up in effect, pitching a fit, with the end result being that we don’t get what we want – we get exactly the opposite.

What to do.

How can you begin to get others to listen to you?  You can start by developing a relationship with yourself, so you can “hear you.”  When you feel a little tense, ask yourself, “What am I needing right now?”  “What am I feeling?”  Learning to listen to your own needs and feelings, and your inner guidance will inspire others to start listening to you.  When you listen to yourself, others will too.

Everyone is important and everyone wants to be heard.

If you feel that:

  • People don’t hear what you’re saying
  • You talk more than you listen
  • Other people are more important than you

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Teresa Leigh Ander is Psychic Painter and Relationship Coach.   She is the founder and facilitator of Make Your Life Come True, a Transformational Arts Program which focuses on personal development through DreamScape Soul Portraits. Teresa’s unique combination of channeled Art and Spiritual Teachings gives you the ability to transmute the energy of life’s challenges into knowledge, wisdom and deliberate manifestation.

Teresa, shown here with Toto, her horse, is a contributing author in Modern Day Miracles, with Louise Hay and Friends, and is documenting her own miracle through her DreamScape Soul Portraits blog and the equine experience in her forthcoming book, The Shadow of My Horse, Finding the Goddess Within.

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